Brussels and Antwerp

Last weekend my husband went to a conference in Brussels for work, and I tagged along. It was my 3rd time to Brussels and while I like the city, I admit you run out of things to do by your 3rd visit. There was a lot of wandering around, but we also visited the Musical Instrument Museum for the first time (if you are into World Music at all, you should visit) and I also went to Antwerp for the first time! I knew very little about Antwerp, but it is a lovely city and found out that I prefer it to Brussels. I met my friend Kim there. Kim is one of my oldest friends and she lives in Amsterdam, so it was easy for us to meet up. It was lovely seeing her again.

Here are a few of the photos from my trip:


Theremins and synths at the Musical Instrument Museum…

A Christmas tree made with bottles, because, why not?


Antwerp Centraal Station

I wanted one of these, nevermind they’re for little kids.

At the Fashion Musuem…

Wasbar, the landromat cafe

Inside the Maria Cafe…

….drinking Belgian beers.

Back in Brussels…

Babar chocolates!!! Babar was one of my favourite storybook characters when I was a kid.

The posh shops

Godiva praline hot chocolate!! ♥ OMG…

Jacques Brel

I bought myself macarons. 🙂

I took this photo through a window. Daniel and I were having coffees at PAUL and watching this street performer and his lovely dog. I was obviously more fascinated with the dog.

& a votive prayer at St. Micheal


4 thoughts on “Brussels and Antwerp

  1. I loved the street art when I was in Brussels, especially the less formal stuff (e.g. not part of the comic strip trail) like the awesome pictures outside that record shop. I took far too many photographs of Dylan, Hendrix et al!

  2. Hello Christina, this is Dee! Long time no see!
    Glad to see you had a good time in Brussels and that you are doing alright?
    (I was in Brussels last June and I must say, after a few days I ran out of things to do too.)

    • Hello Dee!
      I'm doing fine. :) I thought of you when I was in Brussels as we went there together, and this time I went back to that cathedral we went to, St. Michael's. It still is the same. :)

      Hope you're doing well. <3

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