Sorry for not posting as of late. Life has been busy and work has been a bit stressful. However, the weekend before last I went to Scotland for a few days with my husband as he had to attend a conference there. While there, I met up with some friends and overall had a great time!

Here’s a few photos:



And this weekend I’ll be in Copenhagen with my friend Kim! Can’t wait!

Hope you are all having a Happy Halloween week/end! xoxox

Leaf ghosts

A very simple Halloween craft. All you need is some leaves, white and black paint.

Just clean the leaves and then paint them – and you have yourself some leaf ghosts!

You can also add glitter to make them a bit more glamourous, but so far I like mine the way they are. xoxo

Halloween from Black Heart Creatives

Halloween is just around the corner and this past week I received a amazing necklace that I’m sure I’m going to wear a lot in the next few weeks! It’s from the new Halloween collection at Black Heart Creatives. Not only do they have this pumpkin necklace, but also many different scary and horrific designs to choose from. Also, I’ve been told they are going to have a Christmas collection this year! I’m sure I’ll also buy something from that and post about it here as well.

Hope you are enjoying the recent chilly nights. Autumn has finally arrived in London. xoxox