The November Care Parcel Swap

About a month ago I signed up for Oh Comely magazine‘s November care parcel swap. I was paired up with a girl in the Midlands, and I got her tea, sweets, a couple gifts from Copenhagen and made her a watercolour painting (see my last post). We sent our boxes off to each other yesterday, and I got my box from her today! Well, she wins an A+ on presentation. I was blown away on the aesthetics of my care parcel, and was really touched she put in the time and effort.

It was a little bit like Christmas when I got home from work tonight:

I already had some of the hot chocolate tonight in my favourite mug. x

How did this girl know that I really love chai, cinnamon and mulled wine? I’m so pleased.

If you are interested in doing a swap like this, I’m pretty sure Oh Comely will do this again next year. For this year, look around, you still may come across one for the holiday season. xoxo

New watercolours

Hello, this past month has been pretty busy and a bit stressful at work, but tonight I finally did some watercolours. Here’s two of them – the first one is entitled “Autumn Lady” because of the colours I chose and the second one is “No Yes Free Why” obviously because of the words I chose to put in the painting. “Autumn Lady” will be posted off tomorrow, along with some sweets, tea and gifts, to the girl I’ve been partnered up with in Oh Comely magazine’s November Care Package Project. I hope she takes care of Ms. Autumn. xoxox


Hello! I’ve just returned from a short vacation in Copenhagen, where I met up with my friend Kim, who flew there from Amsterdam. The weather wasn’t the best, but overall we had a nice time. I finally got to see Christiania, a freetown in Copenhagen started by squatters decades ago. We also took the canal tour and did a lot of shopping!

Here are some of the photos:

Favourite places in Copenhagen:
Empire Cinema – Apparently the best independent cinema in Copenhagen. We saw the new black & white American film, Frances Ha, which we both liked.
Laundromat Cafe – There’s also one in Reykjavik. It’s half-diner/half-laundromat. The food is great.
Christiania after the Green Light District – If you visit Christiania, don’t let all the drug dealing in the Green Light District put you off. Keep walking through and soon you’ll be next to a beautiful waterfront, pretty houses, a great veggie cafe and feel like you’re outside the city (see some of the above photos).
Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus – An apparently busy bar, but it was quiet when we were there! The sangria was wonderful.
Tiger – I know this shop is growing all over Europe, but I doubt any of the shops are 4 floors like the ones in Copenhagen’s city centre! Perfect if you want a nice gift, like Scandi design, and don’t want to spend a lot.