The November Care Parcel Swap

About a month ago I signed up for Oh Comely magazine‘s November care parcel swap. I was paired up with a girl in the Midlands, and I got her tea, sweets, a couple gifts from Copenhagen and made her a watercolour painting (see my last post). We sent our boxes off to each other yesterday, and I got my box from her today! Well, she wins an A+ on presentation. I was blown away on the aesthetics of my care parcel, and was really touched she put in the time and effort.

It was a little bit like Christmas when I got home from work tonight:

I already had some of the hot chocolate tonight in my favourite mug. x

How did this girl know that I really love chai, cinnamon and mulled wine? I’m so pleased.

If you are interested in doing a swap like this, I’m pretty sure Oh Comely will do this again next year. For this year, look around, you still may come across one for the holiday season. xoxo

One thought on “The November Care Parcel Swap

  1. Hello, hello!

    I’m from Canada and I stumbled upon your blog because of your cute post on Oh Comely’s November Care Package Project.

    I just wanted to shoot you a quick email that I started my own Swap Box Project with friends I’ve met from all over and back in the Philippines. It’s definitely smaller in scale, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless!

    Hope you can help me make make my little passion project more fun and exciting by sharing it (and maybe even joining too!): 🙂

    I have 56 people so far and looking to grow this number to spread the cuteness and the fun.

    Really, really hope to hear from you!


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