Paint like you’re a kid again

Art and a book made by one of my godchildren.

Last night at my painting class I was getting pretty frustrated over my final project, which won’t be finished for a couple weeks. For some reason I found it easier to paint what I wanted in previous classes but now that the pressure is on, I wasn’t happy at all.

Well, it turns out, I may be making a friend in the class. We go on our tea breaks together and she’s very nice. I had her laughing when I said “I hate painting noses!”. She understood. She also told me to forget the pressure, and to paint like you’re a kid again. She made some really great points about how it’s unfair how artists put pressure on themselves to create something great from the first brushstroke, and that instead you should be having fun. Remember what it is like to be a kid, and approach art this way. Also keep in mind that your painting is going to be ugly before it even appproaches beautiful, and even your favourite artists have not always produced great work. Also, by the way, what is considered great? Great art is in the eye of the beholder.

So after our tea, we went back upstairs and I painted like I didn’t care…and guess what? The frustration went away and I was back on track with my project. So, whatever you do, whether it’s painting, photography, scrapbooking, etc… Remember: don’t take it so seriously! Just have fun.

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