Iceland around my neck.

Our story begins a month ago. It is no secret that I love Iceland, a lot. It was Daniel’s and my last day in Reykjavik and we decided to tour the National Museum of Iceland (highly recommended, by the way!). I walked past the gift shop thinking I’ve already spent too much money and I’m not going in there. Then in the display window I saw this necklace. I stopped instantly and went into the shop to look at it. I couldn’t justify spending more money on an impulse purchase, but I took a photo of the designer’s business card, just in case I still wanted the necklace a week later. Guess what? I did. A week later Daniel and I found ourselves in Keflavik airport, on our way back from the States. I was all prepared to run to the gift shop in the main terminal to a get a cheaper, not-as-nice similar necklace that I saw before flying to the States. However, our layover was so short we only were able to get some skyr at a cafe before we were London-bound.

So…I emailed the designer, Lena, in hopes she could send me this necklace. Luckily for me, she did! So I sent her the money through paypal and I got the necklace two days ago in the post. As you can imagine, I was excited. 🙂

Considering it is currently 25 degrees C in London at the moment, I should probably be wearing something more summer-y…but I don’t care. I love this necklace. Thank you Lena!

If you’d like a necklace, visit the gift shop at the National Museum of Iceland, or email Lena lena245 at gmail dot com. She makes this necklace in various colours and they’re all really nice.


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