Circus Life Drawing

Yesterday I joined a couple friends for some Circus Life Drawing at the Gravity Aerial Academy in the backstreets of Seven Sisters, north London. It wasn’t really a Circus, but rather life models suspended in the air or in a acrobatic pose. We only had 2-10 minutes to complete each drawing, so some were not completed. We had to draw fast, but it made it all that much more challenging.

Also at the life drawing I met two dogs, Ruby and Betty. When we started drawing Ruby took a liking to my legs and wouldn’t stop licking them! I like dogs so I didn’t mind, but it was the first time in my life where I had to complete a drawing in less than 10 minutes and try to get a dog off of my leg!

Here are a few of the drawings I did of the 2nd model/acrobat:


They are planning on having more life drawing classes. It’s an hour commute from where I live, but I may go back as I enjoyed and it’s free, so why not?. xoxox

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