My Current Favourite Things part 1

♥ Debating with friends on whether Lee Miller was a feminist or not. Granted, she was successful at a time where women just got the right to vote, but she was sometimes reliant on men…and was best friends with Picasso….discuss.
♥ The new Primal Scream album! “It’s Alright. It’s OK” makes me dance.

♥ Icelandic band The Dead Skeletons – their music, Nonni’s watercolours and their channel DEAD TV.
My friend Alice’s blog post on our evening at Ms. Cupcake’s Book Launch Party. It really was that fun!! And Ms. Cupcake also inscribed my book. 🙂 Here is a bonus photo of me, Alice and our friends surrounded by vegan cakes, ice cream and cocktails:

♥ Teapigs’ “Super Fruit” Tea. I must be becoming British when fancy tea makes me happy. (Note: I never drank tea before moving here)
♥ Chai Lattes from Belle Amie. The more you like cinnamon, the more amazing they are.
♥ London riot grrl bands like Skinny Girl Diet and the still-new club night Bloody Ice Cream.

♥ This Tatty Devine Cherry Blossom necklace. My birthday is in July….ahem. Or if someone really has money to burn, there’s this large version of the Cherry Blossom necklace which I’m convinced I could rock!
♥ Hanging out with my baby nephew.
♥ My friend Maria’s backpack:

♥ This poster of Minneapolis by Albie Designs. All of her city posters are awesome.
♥ The idea that this woman got paid to raise geese as astronauts and put them in a moon analogue…watch the documentary!
♥ Random bubbles floating above the Thames…

♥ ….and thinking of upcoming travels with my husband. As much as I love the internet, I sometimes love being away from it too. xoxox

2 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Things part 1

    • Me too! I’d like to get a few of them, of Daniel’s and my favourite cities and put them up in our house. 🙂

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