The final self-portrait

My painting class is now completed, and while I have some mixed feelings about the course, I am really glad I took it. This is mostly because it taught me techniques that I normally would’ve never used, and I learned that “painting is creating your own language”, which I love.

Here is my final project, my self-portrait, in the studio last week:

and I finished it this weekend! Here it is:

It’s back in my room in New York. You can see my old MS-10 KORG synth and tambourine on the floor. I look sad as sometimes my life there was a bit rough/stressful, but because I also painted this while looking in a mirror, and I’m not going to be constantly smiling in a mirror. I’m always surprised how different my face looks when it’s smiling vs. not smiling. Maybe everyone thinks that about themselves?

I’m wearing a mod dress that I wore when I played with my first band, and the pink painting is a painting I did in 2001. It was on my wall in NY.

Overall, I’m proud of myself. I will treasure it and I’m glad that it remotely looks like me!

Also, when I’m willing to do another self-portrait on my own time, I think I will go for another time-piece, featuring an era of my life. It could end up being an interesting series. xoxox

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