My Current Favourite Things part 2

Apologies for not posting as often. I just started a new job(!) and the first week has been pretty tiring, but I am really enjoying it there so far.

Anyway, besides working, these are some things I currently love. ♥

♥ The book Just Kids by Patti Smith. I devoured it last weekend and am praising it from the rooftops. Why didn’t I read this book earlier?? It’s such a good read and I got all nostalgic for New York.
♥ Iced frappe lattes at Caffe Nero. Honestly, now that it has gotten slightly cooler in London I’m not drinking them as often, but I sped through that Caffe Nero gift card that I got for my birthday!
♥ My painting class!! Yes, I have been taking a painting class at The Art Academy. I’m almost half-way through the course and really enjoying it. I’m convinced that my paintings in the next weeks will be much better than my current work – but these are some peppers I painted a couple weeks ago. Behold:

♥ The blog The Near-Sighted Owl. I love her writing and really love the design. Even though I’m not plus-sized, I love the body acceptance that just radiates from this fat-positive place.
♥ I also really love reading The Dainty Squid. I think almost all my London friends read her blog, but still posting it here as I am a huge fan of the pupdates and bunday (posts on her puppy and bunnies).
♥ Having high tea in Highgate with friends, and this photo I took of them.

So proud of the bovine milk jug!

♥ Daniel’s photo of the half-moon he took out of our window last night.
Melanie K’s article on the Curious art installment at West Norwood Cemetery at Wild Culture magazine It’s very informative!
♥ and lastly, something to cheer you up…..The Pet Collective’s parody of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”…Maltey Cyrus’ “We Can Bark”. It doesn’t hurt that my childhood dog looked exactly like the star of this video (sans the green paws). I dare you not to laugh:

If for some reason you can’t see the video, it’s here.

Happy Weekend!!

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