My new favourite dress.

Who says you need to spend a lot of money to like the way you look? Not me. I bought this black & white polka dot dress for £5 at a jumble sale held at the London music venue, The Lexington, back in January. I have no idea what size it is. The girl who was selling it just kinda threw it at me (in a nice way) and said “I know you’ll fit into it!”. So I took it home, put it in my wardrobe until the cold weather went away (and that took a long, long time…). Finally, a few weeks ago I tried it on and voi la! I love it. Best £5 ever spent.

Here I’m wearing it in Brighton two weeks ago (it goes well with my black cardigan)

& last week at Bowie Weekend at the V&A. Yes, our faces are painted a la Aladdin Sane.


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