A week of London Summer

The weather this week has been gorgeous, and while I did find some time to paint, I’m not 100% happy with them (you win some, you lose some). However, socially this week has been wonderful. Well, bittersweet is more like it. I said goodbye to my good friend Kristen, who is moving back to the States. Kristen was the 2nd friend I made in London (through my 1st London friend, Kiki) and she was always there for me. I remember while job hunting she let me sleep on her couch, she was basically the maid-of-honour at my wedding without me ever appointing her (honestly I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!) and she’s always been such a gracious lady. I will really miss her.

I also saw my friend Alice, aka. Ms. Smokin Tofu, where she introduced me to Ha Ha Veggie Bar, and we had a lovely sunny afternoon in Camden. Then I took myself to Regent’s Park and spied on the camels at London Zoo, and later on I saw my friend, the artist Melanie K and our friend Jo for a candlelight evening at the John Soane Museum, which is one of London’s hidden gems.


Kristen and my last feast at Mildred’s

…and take home dessert from our beloved Hummingbird Bakery!


& me!

The rockin’ Ms. Smokin’ Tofu

& me again

vegan shakes at Cookies & Scream ♥

camels at London Zoo!

Mel K!

Jo at our post-John Soane visit to Caffe Nero

& me yet again

Have a beautiful weekend. xoxoxo

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